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In the mid-2000’s, there was an
explosion in designer and collectible vinyl toys, albeit to a fairly niche,
dedicated audience. But unlike most crazes, which eventually fall by the
wayside, designer toys and collectible toys have stood the test of time and
over the years have become part of the wider art world. Some of the most
popular artists have become collectible and some of the more notable pieces sell
for millions. Vinyl toys are truly a global phenomenon and a vociferous market
that needs regular feeding.

A British company with global ambition
A new era for vinyl toys

Reflecting the tremendous ongoing growth in the designer toy market, a number of British names have emerged including Angry Cat, a creator, producer and retailer of designer toys, vinyl art toys and collectibles. Since the start of 2021, this team of passionate graphic designers, web developers and online marketers has worked with individual artists and companies across the world to produce cool toy collections including high-quality vinyl designs that have got the designer toy world talking, including some of the most exciting vinyl toys on the market.

Who are Angry Cat?

Angry Cat is an expert and enthusiastic team of imaginative graphic designers, savvy online marketers and the geekiest web developers with over 40years of combined experience and a lifetime obsession with vinyl toys. What makes Angry Cat a very different creature is that they’re enthusiasts and collectors first and business people second. In fact, without their collective passion, dedication and vision, Angry Cat would not exist. Who better to create the toys than people with an existing appreciation, enthusiasm and dedication for custom vinyl toys?

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