James Lee aka Jimsee, Malaysian, now settled in Shanghai. Ex-LEGO creative, likes to play with different ideas, toy design, installation art, fashion

design, lighting design, music, cartoon, graffiti, busy playing on everything. He thinks that the creation of the fun is not only on a piece of canvas, the

creation itself is a kind of unbounded, should not be restricted by the media or any matter or thing. Things in daily life becomes his "canvas", such as

Starbucks coffee cups, wasted plastic bags, vomit bags on the plane, wasted dish plate and stamps etc, all kinds of small poor to him is a good material,

given new life to them, is a kind of sustainability and reduce unnecessary waste in the environment. He named it “Recyclart”.

He set up a studio “Crazy lab”, a place to experiment crazy fun ideas, a better combination of art and toy, also experiment the eco friendly “green” fun


He had his art exhibitions and art crossover project with brands like Adidas, Converse, Hennessy, Vans, Nike, Vice magazine, Starbucks and Pizza Hut.

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